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Love yourself, Love your family.

Health Screening Through us for More Privilege .


     Welcome to : ) Health Check Wellness Clinic : Book for your health screening appointment now.


We are your most preferred health screening provider. We make available various screening packages to suit your screening needs, from basic to comprehensive at affordable and reasonable price at our island wide screening centres and clinics.


Early Health Screening to avoid further complications or to rectify

before the border line.


Book online or call 64259353 to enquiry


Love yourself , Love your family .



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Welcome to our Health Screening Portal


Get checked before complications strike!


Get screened before complications arise and avoid unnecessary stress

Health Screening is for Everyone! Early detection helps to identify potential health risks before it's too late Book your Health Screening through us to enjoy a wide range of privileges and packages at promotional rates. Choose from a wide selection of screening items, ranging from basic, budget packages to deluxe options. Pay fair rate for more with us today! All ages, genders and nationalities are welcome.


We provide a booking platform for health checks | health screening and diagnostic screening for locals, PR and foreigners. Corporate bookings enjoy a promotional rate. Pay less for more today! Check the health screening profiles click here and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.



We Provide Health Screening Plus with other services:

  • FREE Blood Pressure and Body Mass Measurement with analysis.
  • Affordable and Non-invasive Health Screening Packages (personal and corporate).
  • Workplace and Corporate Health Screening
  • Health Awareness Talks on Nutrition and Chronic Diseases
  • Pre-screening risk assessment
  • Healthy Cooking Talks
  • FREE subscription to Health articles
  • Total Health Management


  • Deluxe Detail Dental Check


  • Specialists Arrangement with our network doctors



Health Screening Singapore Healthcare Medical screening provider for health screening medical check up



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Now & Before the complications strike.




Health Screening with us in Singapore


Health Screening Singapore Healthcare Medical screening provider for health screening medical check upEarly detection often helps identify and prevent potential Health Risk. Stay safe from Silent Killers such as Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Diabetics, Chronic Diseases and various Cancers. We provide both affordable and comprehensive health screening for people of all ages, gender and nationalities in Singapore. Your health is extremely important, so take control of it right now - Health screening allows you to have a clearer picture of your current situation and health status.


ALWAYS REMEMBER, early DETECTION and PREVENTION is far easier and cheaper than dealing with the unexpected. Make it a point to go for regular check-ups, schedule your Yearly Health Screening with us today!

Our Promise: We will provide the fullest and most comprehensive consultation on your health concerns, as well as monthly follow-ups after your screening. Our screening packages are specifically designed to assess your current state of health, as well as offering early detection and preventive treatment plans that will diminish chances of complications resulting from life-threatening chronic diseases.


We will do our best to help you understand your health concerns, while our Doctors will work with you to achieving the healthy lifestyle that you seek.


KEEP IN MIND, Most Things Can Wait, Your Health Cannot – YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH, KEEP IT SAFE AND DON’T LOSE IT! Get your Health Screening done today! Call our friendly Health-care Coordinators via any one following channels to make an appointment for your Health Screening : Tel: 64259353 / 62990916 / 62990906 SMS Only: 84841883




We will respond to your booking and enquiry as soon as possible - Your needs are important to us. For our prompt early attention, contact us by

Email Form.


Booking your Health Screening via our secure online form # Click Here. All ages, genders and nationalities are welcome!


Don’t take the risk of not understanding your health conditions. Most health complications can be prevented, controlled and treated, but only when they are detected early.


Health Screening Singapore Healthcare Medical screening provider for health screening medical check up








Additional add on items:


Optional Test Items to be added on to your Preferred Health Screening Package :


All add-on will be conducted in Shaw House unless otherwise stated. Our add-on prices stated include a consultation with a doctor as well as a review on the scan report. All add-on items may booked alongside one of the packages or just the add on test item.


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Over 24 locations available and more island wide venue to be added Click here to see the available venue for the package you preferred. New venues will be added from time to time.


Two copy of reports will be presented to our customers within 7-10 working days


All reports will be  review by Doctor.

Island wide locations with doctor review report

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Our office hour:

Office hours: - 9.30am-5.30pam Monday to Friday.

Appointment for

Screening hours : 8.30 / 9.15 am till 11.00 am only. Monday To Saturday. ( kindly give 2 -3 weeks in advance if you book for Saturday slots). All health screening appointment (except basic screening package), need to be called or submitted online for booking before 7 days  in advance to avoid the disappointment.



Please Contact us after 3 working days if you still have not received a response from us!
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