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- Urinary Tract Infection


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Welcome to our Health Screening Portal



We provide a booking platform for health checks and diagnostic screening for locals, PR and foreigners. Corporate bookings enjoy a promotional rate. Pay less for more today! Check the screening profiles below and pick the one that best suits your needs and budget.



The Standard Packages


Standard Packages: (Blood / Fluid Test Packages), includes Registered Doctor post-review health screening report.




  • Women Package : Women Package: VHS3P (With Pap-smear) @ $338/-: At Paragon ( + ecg + pre review, consult, female doctor physical examination, paragon cafe western breakfast )


Venues: Paragon Medical Center | Orchard Medical (Lucky Plaza) more locations island - wide available soon for this standard package.


Review Screening: Orchard Medical (Lucky Plaza) | Changi Road


Click Here for all comparison charts



GP Packages @ Changi Road : (Blood / Fluid Test Packages), includes Registered Doctor post-review health screening report.



Venue: Changi Road (near Kembagan MRT), more locations island-wide available soon




GP Package venue at Paragon will be: (Blood / Fluid Test Packages, with  ecg + western breakfast at Paragon cafĂ©  ), includes Registered Doctor pre consult & post consult & review health screening report.


GP Basic package @$183/-  
GP Basic Plus Package @$289-
GP General Package @ $333/- For Male , @$343 For Female


Include :

# One Breakfast food voucher at Paragon, Western food after screening .

# ECG  include for all GP Packages when Chose venue at Paragon


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Neighborhood Clinics Deluxe Packages:



Venues: Raffles Medical Clinic ( Island wide ) Post Review by Raffles Clinic Doctor



Deluxe Vital Packages:



      Venues: Raffles Medical Clinic ( Island wide )


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The Deluxe Packages :



Venues : Raffles Medical Hospital (Bugis) | Shaw House | Orchard  Medical Specialists Center (Lucky Plaza)  | Somerset ( Report Review by Doctor in the Screening Center / the hospital.


: # Comparison Chart 1: Comparison on above 9 packages (Standard, Neighborhood, Deluxe) Click Here  |

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Deluxe premarital Packages:



Venue:  Raffles Hospital | Lucky Plaza


# Comparison Chart 2 : Comparison on above 6 packages (GP, Premarital)

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Deluxe Premium / Deluxe Classic Premium packages:



Venue:- Raffles Hospital ( Bugis ) | Lucky Plaza - orchard medical


 # Comparison Chart 3 : Comparison on above 3 packages (Deluxe, Premium, Classic) Click Here for all comparison charts



Exclusive Deluxe packages




Our Partners Health Screening Center in house package booking:


Click here to make the booking if you know their package name and price, you may do the booking and we handle all for you.


Our Partners Health Screening Center, their In house packages:

AsiaMedi |  MHC | Asia Health Partners | Healthway | Fullerton | More others will be coming soon.


The Booking form:


Our Partners in house booking form Click here or call us @ 63434916 for enquiry or booking



Dental Screening Package




Specialists Packages:


Gynecological Specialists Services Packages - @  Gleneagles / Paragon


We are able to refer others Medical Specialists


Please send in email to enquiry about the specialists we have. Click here for the specialists.



Any of the price is subject to change without prior notice. Once your booking is made, you will still stick to the old price book for not more then 3 months for screening appointment and payment to be made on the screening day or within 3 days after the screening appointment.



Medi Save Screening Service:


Claimable from Medisave scope service:


Colonoscopy @$1337.50/- ( Included GST Charge )

Gastroscopy  @$695.50/-    ( Included GST Charge )


Colonoscopy And Gastroscopy - $1712/-  ( Included GST Charge )




A. Ploypectomy $150 additional 

B. Ligation of Piles $150.00 Additional


Medisave Claimable up to 100% for able scope service,  for other the scope service, subject to approval


Other charge:


Admin Fee

Syrgeon Fee - subject to condition  See the A . / B.

Take Home Medication

Surcharge for after operation hour 7 pm to 7am Monday to Friday | Saturday After 1.00pm

Sunday and public holiday


only at 7am-7pm Monday to Friday | Saturday 7am before 1pm , Sunday , holiday close.


Venue at Novena Medical Center / Gleneagles /


Please send in email to enquiry



Allergy Test:


Suffering of sudden incident with following symptoms or signs, and you are with mystery reason why it caused the following after some contact of food or anything: when the body's immune system begins to respond to a substance as though it were a dangerous invader (called an antigen or allergen):



itching eyes,





skin irritations

nasal stuffiness,

scratchy sore throats

nasal congestion


sometimes headache

hearing changes ( may cause )

Other less common symptoms

balance disturbances - uncommon

swelling face or throat tissues

respiratory problems

igE medicated allergy is one of the most common types of allergy. You may now take charge of the condition with allergy test. Our Allergy test provides quantitative determination of allergy specific igE even at a very low levels with the excellent precision. No fasting or abstain from the anti inflammatory medications prior to allergy testing.


The customized packages of Inhalant, Food & Symptomatic panels to help you to know and identify with monitoring and manage with the allergic symptoms.


Log in here for detail or allergy testing detail

For Allergy test appointment click here

Click on follow yellow box for appointment booking:



Review of Report by GP Doctor.


Venue: Paragon Orchard | Orchard Medical Specialists Centre | :- more location will be available soon.
Refreshment Hot Drinks provided by self service and it is available after withdraw of blood.

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