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Blood Test 101: All you want to know about Blood Tests in Singapore

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ATA Medical is a one-stop health screening centre which provides blood tests in Singapore starting from $70. We compile a list of frequently asked questions about blood tests in Singapore for your easy reference.

Is fasting required for blood tests in Singapore?

This depends on the type of blood test you are taking.

For a Fasting Blood Glucose test which tests for diabetes, you are required to fast. However, Hba1C, which also tests for diabetes, does not have a fasting requirement. For lipid tests, MOH permits the use of non-fasting tests1.

Hence, you need to check with your doctor if fasting is required.

Can I take a blood test at a polyclinic?

Yes, you may have selected blood tests at various polyclinics. For instance, NCIS’s patients can have selected blood tests and laboratory investigations done at 14 polyclinics. This is only permissible if you have the necessary referral and memo.

SingHealth states they will only perform lipid and diabetes testing, and must be ordered by a doctor.

ATA Medical is a private clinic which can help to cater to your blood test requirements. Feel free to WhatsApp or Call us at 88933757 to arrange an appointment.

What does a full blood test show?

The full blood count test measures these components and features of your blood2:

  • Red blood cells, which carry oxygen
  • White blood cells, which fight infection
  • Hemoglobin, the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells
  • Hematocrit, a measurement of how much your blood is made up of red blood cells
  • Platelets, which stop bleeding by blood clotting
  • Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV), a measurement of the average size of your red blood cells
Doctor analyzing results of the report from patient's blood test.

Can a GP do a blood test?

Yes, a GP can perform a blood test for you.

How to book a blood test at a polyclinic?

You may enquire with the various polyclinics at these links:

Who can I ask for my blood type?

You may ask your parents or doctors as they may have the previous records.

Where can I get my blood type tested in Singapore?

You may get your blood type tested at ATA Medical Clinic from $25. Feel free to WhatsApp or Call us at 88933757 to arrange an appointment.

Can pharmacies do blood tests?

Pharmacies in Singapore typically dispense drugs. They do not do blood tests.


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