Corporate Health Screening

Happy and healthy employees naturally translate into a more motivated and productive workforce.

To this end, our team has over 30 combined years of experience with corporate health screening and wellness programs.

We understand your needs and work with you closely to achieve your organization's goals.

Our screening can take place either onsite at your premises, or offsite at our clinics where your employees can also bring their families along on the weekends.

Corporate Health Screening with ATA Medical

Our MEME approach

Our Minimal Effort Maximum Engagement (MEME) approach stems from our wealth of experience from managing our corporate clients and understanding their concerns.

Common concerns are:

  • Upfront costs / efforts to kickstart the program
  • Lack of employees' engagement
  • Unclear KPIs or expectations

These concerns present barriers to key stakeholders such as the Human Resources (HR) department or Project Owners.

Our MEME approach is specially planned so your concerns are well addressed and that your corporate health screening program is initiated with ease from start to end.

ATA Medical utilizes our experience and technology to maximize your returns on your corporate screening program while requiring minimal effort from your team. Talk to us today to understand more.

Our Minimal Effort Maximum Engagement (MEME) approach to help organizations derive the most from corporate health screening.

Corporate Screening Benefits

Our Most Recent Clients

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Google Singapore

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SmartNation under Prime Minister Office (PMO)

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Our Team's Experience With Organizations

ATA Medical's past clients - we screen more than 40k patients yearly with 600+ corporate clients on our resume.

Starting Your Corporate Health Screening Is Easy

Follow these 3 simple steps to start your Corporate Health Screening journey with us.
Every business has different needs. Our team is happy to discuss and meet your team's requirements in both affordability and quality. Talk to our friendly staff today.

Email us at for more information.
Chat with us at 88933757 for queries.

Photos of Our Corporate and Community Engagements

Complimentary Health Talk and Screening - Cheng San Residents

Health Talk and Screening given to Cheng San residents.
ATA Medical staff giving health screening to Cheng San residents.
ATA Medical's partnership with eurofins to conduct health screening for Cheng San residents.

Corporate Health Screening Talk - Sinya Industries

Dr Leonard Leng of ATA Medical giving a health talk and presentation to Sinya Industries staff.
Sinya Industries staff listening to a health talk and presentation by Dr Leonard Leng of ATA Medical inside an auditorium.
Dr Leonard Leng of ATA Medical with a photo shoot with Sinya Industries staff after the health talk and presentation session.

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