Corporate Wellness Program

Our corporate wellness program is designed to revolve holistically around your organization and employees’ needs.

Some services we provide:

  • Talks / Workshops
  • Exercise Classes
  • Sports & Recreation Activities
  • Health Screening

Our talks and workshops include popular topics such as Nutrition, Mental Wellness or Ergonomics and can be delivered either onsite or virtually by our team of professionals.

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What We Offer

Corporate Grants

1. There are Health Promotion Board (HPB) Grants available to subsidize the costs of your workshops or talks.

2. The grant quantum is between 30-90%, depending on the type of activity or talk your company is keen on, subject to qualifying criterias.

3. More information about the grant can be found here.

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Keen to kick off your corporate wellness program? Talk to our team today.

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Chat with us at 88933757 for queries.

Keen on our other services? These are the list of our corporate services:

Corporate Wellness Program

Corporate Health Screening

Health Talks

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