What is a CT Scan?

Patient undergoing CT scan at clinic with radiologist operating the CT scanner.
Radiologist analyzing the results of the images generated from patient's CT scan.
Patient undergoing CT scan at clinic with radiologist operating the CT scanner.

A Computerised Tomography (CT) scan is a diagnostic imaging exam that combines a series of X-ray images to produce detailed images of a specific part of your body. This can include bones, muscles, organs and even blood vessels. CT scans are more detailed than a standard X-Ray and can be used to diagnose or investigate tumours, internal injuries, bleeding or damage. It may be performed with contrast, to make the imaging clearer.

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Screen of ultrasound machine showing patient undergoing ultrasound scan
Scanning and changing area with X-Ray, Mammogram, and ultrasound scan rooms
Patient having an ultrasound scan consultation with Dr Jana Lim of ATA Medical

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CT Scan Singapore Price

CT Scan Price*
CT Brain $530.00
CT Temporal Bone $530.00
CT Orbits $530.00
CT Facial Bones $530.00
CT Face $530.00
CT Sinus From $235.00
CT Neck $530.00
CT Thorax From $530.00
CT Abdomen From $530.00
CT Liver (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Pancreas (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Kidneys (with contrast) $1030.00
CT Pelvis $530.00
CT KUB (kidney, ureter and bladder) $350.00
CT Spine From $530.00

*Prices are subject to GST.

These are non-comprehensive price list (without contrast). We provide them so that our patients can use them as a quick cost reference. If you cannot find what you need, or would like to clarify more, please feel free to WhatsApp or call our friendly staff.

Can I use MediSave to pay for my CT Scan?

Yes, you're allowed to utilize $300 from your MediSave annually per patient for your CT scan costs towards diagnosing or treating your medical condition. This does not apply to plain X-rays or scans, as those are covered under other MediSave uses. If you have further queries, please don't hesitate to enquire with us.

How do I prepare for a CT Scan in Singapore?

Depending on the type of scan and your specific condition, you may be asked to fast or abstain from certain medication. Upon confirmation of your CT scan appointment, our staff will advise you on the necessary.

How do I book a CT Scan in Singapore?

Generally, you are required to consult our doctor if you are a walk-in patient without any referrals. There will be a consultation fee of $35 before GST.

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