Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya Car Park Rates / Fees

Day Rates
Mon - Fri 12:01AM to 12PM / 2:01PM to 5PM
Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.30

12:01PM to 2PM / 5:01PM to 7PM
Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.84

7:01pm to 12AM
Per Entry: $4.32
Sat, Sun & PH 12:01AM to 12PM / 2:01PM to 5PM
First Hour: $2.59
Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $1.62

12:01PM to 2PM/ 5:01PM to 7PM
First Hour: $3.67
Subsequent 30 minutes or part thereof: $2.16

7:01PM to 12AM
Per Entry: $4.32

Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya Motorcycle / Motorbike Parking Rates / Fees

Day Rates
Same parking rates as car

Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya Car Park Real-Time Availability

Find the latest car park availability parking for Ngee Ann City / Takashimaya carpark.

Available Lots Last Updated

Disclaimer: Data is provided as it is from LTA's car park Availability API. By using this data, you agree to indemnify from any damages or losses arising directly or indirectly from the use of this data. If you do not agree, please use an alternate source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your data accurate?

We use data published by Singapore Land Transport Authority's DataMall. This data is updated once per minute and is provided as it is.

How is this useful?

Simply put, we enjoy productive days without having to wait in long queues or to have to hunt for car park lots. Hence, we use this data ourselves to quickly identify if a car park might be full at a certain time and to locate the nearest alternative car parks.

Furthermore, we may use historical data to predict if a place is likely to be packed at a certain time of the day, and we plan our journeys or errands around less crowded times.

Why can't I find the car park I want?

Unfortunately, we publish the data as it is from LTA's APIs. We do not have any control on which car parks are included.

Why did you build this tool?

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