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Nutrition and Health Simplified: My Healthy Plate

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What is My Healthy Plate?

In order to have a balanced diet that meets the daily nutritional needs, it is important to consume a wide variety of foods in the right amounts. Eating healthy and balanced meals can be a simple process.

My Healthy Plate is a user-friendly visual guide developed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), and it helps you adopt healthier eating habits, which in turn can aid in weight management and preventing chronic diseases.

Quarter, Quarter, Half is an easy way to remember the appropriate proportions of each food group in a well-balanced meal. To illustrate:

1. Fill Quarter (¼) plate with wholegrains
2. Fill Quarter (¼) plate with good protein sources
3. Fill Half plate (½) with fruit and vegetables

Visual guide for My Healthy Plate.

Image: HealthHub

If you are unable to fit a meal into the Quarter, Quarter, Half proportions, you can compensate by including those missing food groups in your next meal.

Who is My Healthy Plate for?

My Healthy Plate guide is easy to follow and can be used by everyone. Simply adhere to the Quarter, Quarter, Half guide for a nutritious and well-balanced meal that includes all the necessary food groups with the appropriate proportions. It is a convenient way to ensure your meals include all the nutrients you need, regardless of the meal type, cuisine or occasion.

My Healthy Plate can also be used by these groups with some adjustments:

5 Simple Tips to Maximize My Healthy Plate

1. Avoid the skin and fats when eating meat 2. Select wholegrains such as brown rice, whole grain cereals, wholemeal breads and oats
3. Use healthier oil options such as olive, canola, sunflower, peanut and soya bean oil 4. Pick fresh fruits over fruit juice
5. Choose water over other beverages with sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t follow the recommended proportions for my meal?

My Healthy Plate – Quarter, Quarter, Half is a guide to assist you to meet your dietary recommendations more easily. While it is ideal to adhere to the aforementioned principles with each meal, if that is not possible to follow, plan your meals carefully to ensure you consume food from all 3 food groups throughout the day.

Can I still have snacks in between meals?

You can opt for healthier snack options such as wholegrains, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, or foods high in calcium to compensate for any food groups that may have been missed in previous meals. Examples of such snacks include:

Wholegrains: Wholemeal bread, Whole wheat crackers/biscuits, wholegrain corn tortilla chips
Meat and others: Cheese, chicken, egg, low-fat milk/yogurt, unsalted peanuts, cashews, almonds
Fruits and vegetables: Apple, pear, baby carrots, celery sticks

Why are there different serving sizes?

Needs vary from individual to individual. If you have a less active lifestyle, it is recommended to stick at the lower end of the range. You may require more servings if you are very active.


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