One Stop Medical Concierge Singapore

Our one stop medical concierge service allows you to have immediate and trusted access to our specialists in Singapore.

A dedicated point of contact will be there to take care of your needs such as exploring treatment options, scheduling appointments, and guiding you from the first consultation to recovery.

Your concierge will also provide you with 24-hour coverage throughout your experience with us.

This ensures you are well taken care of throughout the entire health care journey.

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Chat with us at 88933757 for queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Process for Patients Looking to Be Treated?

All you need to do is to call our medical concierge. After understanding your needs, your dedicated point of contact will explain your options to you. Following your agreement, we will arrange for your appointment and all other necessary paperwork.

This will be a one-stop service so you can focus on your healthcare journey without any other worries.

Please text us at 88933757 to understand more.

How Can I Ensure Cashless Payment For My Procedure / Investigation?

Our medical concierge can assist you in your finance and health care related queries. To ensure a smooth and cashless payment, our team will be able to advise you after understanding more about your requirements and circumstances.

Should you be entitled to an insurance claim, our team will also assist you with applying for a Letter of Guarantee where applicable.

Please text us at 88933757 to understand more.

Can I Utilise My Integrated Shield Plans For My Procedure or Investigation?

Depending on your circumstances and your plan’s coverage, you may be able to utilize your Integrated Shield Plan for your procedure or investigation.

If you intend to aim for a cashless procedure, please consult our medical concierge. We will provide advice and explore all your options together with you.

Please text us at 88933757 to understand more.

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