Pregnancy Blood Tests Singapore

Nurse drawing blood from female patient for blood testing purposes.
Dr Jana Lim of ATA Medical having a consultation session with her patient.
Nurse drawing blood from female patient for blood testing purposes.

Pregnancy is a significant journey that begins with confirming conception. In Singapore, one of the most reliable methods for this is through a blood test, specifically checking for the presence of beta human chorionic gonadotropin (beta-hCG). This hormone is a clear indicator of pregnancy, making blood tests crucial for expectant parents.

What Is a Pregnancy Blood Test?

A pregnancy blood test in Singapore detects beta-hCG in a woman's bloodstream, produced shortly after the embryo attaches to the uterine lining and is an early indicator of pregnancy.

There are two types of pregnancy blood tests:

  • Qualitative hCG Blood Test: Determines if hCG is present.
  • Quantitative hCG Blood Test (or beta hCG test): Measures the specific level of hCG.

The quantitative beta hCG test not only confirms pregnancy but also monitors its health and progression. At ATA Medical, we offer the beta hCG test upon request.

Why Do a Pregnancy Blood Test?

These tests are recommended for several reasons:

  • Accuracy: They're more accurate than home pregnancy tests and can detect pregnancy earlier, usually within 10 days of conception.
  • Monitoring Pregnancy Health: Beta-hCG levels provide crucial information about pregnancy health and development, including detecting potential issues like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage.
  • Confirming the Success of Assisted Reproductive Techniques: For couples undergoing fertility treatments, blood tests confirm the success of procedures like IVF.

How Accurate Are Pregnancy Blood Tests?

The quantitative beta hCG test is highly accurate, considered the gold standard for confirming pregnancy. Consult a doctor for interpretations tailored to individual medical conditions.

Pregnancy Blood Test Costs in Singapore

Test Price*
Consultation $35.00
beta hCG Test $35.00
Antenatal Profile 1: Full Blood Count, Hb Electrophoresis, ABO Blood Group, Hepatitis Bs Antigen (HBsAg), Hepatitis Bs Antibody (HBsAb), Rubella IgG Antibody, Glucose, HIV Ag/Ab Screen, VD (Syphilis TP Ab), RPR & TPPA (if Syphilis is reactive) $87.00

*Prices are subject to GST.

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How Long Does a Pregnancy Blood Test Take?

A blood test at our clinic typically takes 30 to 60 minutes during off-peak hours. Your results will be available in 3 to 5 days and will be sent to you via email.

Where Can I Do the Pregnancy Blood Test in Singapore?

ATA Medical is conveniently located at two different locations:

ATA Medical Orchard Clinic with Health Screening Nurses and Staff.
Orchard Clinic
ATA Medical Tanjong Pagar Clinic with Health Screening Nurses and Staff
Tanjong Pagar Clinic
Patient having a health screening review with Dr Jana Lim of ATA Medical.
Post-screening consult with Dr Jana Lim

How Do I Book a Pregnancy Blood Test Appointment in Singapore?

Book Pregnancy Blood Test Now
Book or Enquire Through WhatsApp At 88933757
Ask Through Email At

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