Ultrasound Scans in Singapore

Female patient undergoing ultrasound scan procedure at ATA Medical Clinic.
Ultrasound Scan machine located ATA Medical Clinic.
Female patient undergoing ultrasound scan procedure at ATA Medical Clinic.

An ultrasound scan, widely utilized in Singapore's healthcare facilities, is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique. It employs high-frequency sound waves to create images of internal body structures. This method is particularly favored for its safety, as it does not involve ionizing radiation, unlike X-rays or CT scans. Ultrasound scans are versatile, commonly used for examining organs such as the liver, kidneys, and heart, as well as for monitoring fetal development during pregnancy.

What Can an Ultrasound Scan Detect?

In Singapore, ultrasound scans are integral in detecting and diagnosing a range of conditions. They are highly effective in visualizing soft tissues and fluid-filled structures. This makes them ideal for identifying abnormalities in organs, assessing blood flow through vessels, and evaluating musculoskeletal conditions.

Benefits and Risks of an Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound scans in Singapore offer numerous benefits. They are painless, safe, and relatively quick, making them patient-friendly. The absence of radiation exposure is a significant advantage, especially for pregnant women. However, while the risks associated with ultrasound scans are minimal, it's important to note that the quality of the results can depend on the skill of the technician and the specific equipment used. Occasionally, some patients may feel minor discomfort due to pressure applied by the ultrasound probe.

If you have a concern, please talk to our doctor for more information. If you need any help, please WhatsApp/call us at 88933757 or email us at hello@healthscreening.sg.

Screen of ultrasound machine showing patient undergoing ultrasound scan
Scanning and changing area with X-Ray, Mammogram, and ultrasound scan rooms
Patient having an ultrasound scan consultation with Dr Jana Lim of ATA Medical

Why Use Us?

Ultrasound Scan Prices in Singapore

Test Price*
Ultrasound Carotid Intima Media Thickness $150.00
Ultrasound Breast $130.00
Ultrasound Kidney $138.00
Ultrasound Liver $138.00
Ultrasound Prostate $160.00
Ultrasound Thyroid $150.00
Ultrasound Pelvis (Transabdominal & Transvaginal)** $190.00
Ultrasound Kidney, Ureters and Bladder (KUB) $180.00
Ultrasound Hepatobiliary System (HBS) $138.00
Ultrasound Testicles & Scrotum $190.00
Ultrasound Full Abdomen $235.00

*Prices are subject to GST.
**Please note that we do not do pregnancy (dating) scans.

Can I Use My MediSave for Ultrasound Scans?

You can use a maximum of $300 from your MediSave annually for covering the costs of scans for yourself or your dependents, provided they are conducted for diagnostic reasons (for example, to investigate a medical issue such as discomfort or irregularities in the liver).

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Generally, you are encouraged to consult our doctor if you are a walk-in patient without any referrals. This is recommended because the results require contextual interpretation and follow up. There will be a consultation fee of $35 before GST.

Book Ultrasound Scan Now
Book or Enquire Through WhatsApp At 88933757
Ask Through Email At hello@healthscreening.sg

What You Need To Bring

1. Identification Card/Documentations and Memo/Referral Letter (if any).

2. For Payment: Cash, NETS, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay, Grab Pay or PayNow.

How Do I Prepare?

1. For Ultrasound Full Abdomen and Liver tests, you are required to fast at least 6 hours before your appointment.

2. For Ultrasound Pelvis and Prostate, please drink 5-6 glasses of water 1 hour before your test. Please also avoid urination to keep your bladder full.

How Long Does It Take?

1. On average, most of our clients finish their tests within 30 to 45 minutes during off-peak hours. Please feel free to enquire about the best appointment times with least waiting time.

2. The report will be ready in 72 hours and will be emailed to you.

3. You may also request for an express report (within 24 hours; soft copy) at an additional charge of $30 before GST.

Ultrasound Health Screening Packages

Comprehensive Health Screening: You may also be keen to explore our routine and comprehensive health screening packages. Our Crown Plus ($445), Royal ($612), Jewel ($1299), and Marvel ($2100) packages have various Ultrasound tests bundled with them.

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