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Why Use Home Health Screening?

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Home-based health screening has recently been on the rise owing to reasons like convenience and reluctance to visit medical clinics given the pandemic. An often cited reason we also hear from our existing home screening patients is the lack of time due to family and work commitments.

However, health should never be neglected. Booking your medical check up with us is an easy and fuss-free 5 minutes process through WhatsApp. These are some reasons of doing your health tests at home:

1. Time Savings

Bringing the entire family out to the clinic can be time-consuming, on top of having to navigate traffic and to coordinate a the trip amongst family members.

Conversely, having our health screener travel to your place for health screening means your family can skip the queue, have your blood drawn in the comforts of your home and to have more time to sleep in on a weekend.

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2. Mobility Reasons

Health screening can also be done for patients who may find it difficult to travel. For instance, these may be elderlies or even wheelchair bound patients. Post screening consultation is also done via telemedicine to maximise convenience for our patients.

3. Minimizing Crowding Related Risks

For those who may be concerned about mingling in crowds or other patients and catching a bug, our mobile health screening is a good alternative to minimize this risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your home health screening tests comprehensive?

We have a variety of health screening packages which are indicated to be more popular with various age groups. However, if you have a certain blood test you would like to do, please talk to us through WhatsApp. We will be most happy to accommodate your request where possible.

2. Who conducts the health screening?

Our mobile team is made up of ATA Medical's employees. They are certified phlebotomists or state-registered nurses, and get ongoing in-house training to ensure that they are well-equipped with the relevant skills for conducting the health screening.

3. When will my health screening results be ready and how can I interpret them?

1. Your results will be ready within 7 working days and emailed to you.

2. Our staff will then contact you for a review through either telemedicine, phone or at the clinic.

3. If necessary, medication can be delivered to your home and a follow-up appointment can be made.

Our home health screening packages start from $100. We are also able to customize your health screening tests upon request.

We operate 7 days a week from 8.30AM to 5.30PM including eves of public holidays and public holidays. We are also able to take special timings upon request on a case-by-case basis.

Email us for more information.
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