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Allergy Testing: Prevention Is Better Than Cure

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Last updated: Jun 13, 2024

Have you ever experienced a runny nose whenever something comes into close contact? Or if you eat certain foods your body develops some sort of reaction? Your skin starts to itch and you start scratching till your skin turns red and angry. In the most dire scenario, your airways swell up and you may experience difficulty breathing. It can be fatal if medical attention is not promptly administered.

Common types of allergies

Allergies come in various forms - animal fur, dust mites, food allergies, pollen, and even latex. Allergies can also be hereditary. Studies have shown that children are 50% to 75% prone to developing an allergy if one or both parents have it.

Today, we explore the topic of allergy testing so you can understand some of these options available to you.

Allergic reactions can range from minor to severe symptoms.

Common symptoms of an allergic reaction

  • Sneezing and an itchy, running or blocked nose
  • Itchy, red, watering eyes
  • Wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and a cough
  • Raised, itchy, red rash
  • Swollen lips, tongue, eyes or face
  • Tummy pain, feeling sick, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Dry, red and cracked skin

Today, we explore the topic of allergy testing so you can understand the various options available to you.

Common symptoms of allergies

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What is a skin prick test?

Skin prick test is usually performed on the forearms or back to diagnose allergy. The skin prick test is considered more sensitive and accurate, but it is not recommended for individuals with potentially severe reactions.

What is an allergy blood test?

This is a special blood test that measures the presence of allergen-specific Immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in the blood. The higher the amount of IgE antibodies in the blood, the more likely one is allergic to a certain food or inhalant. This test is recommended for individuals who are unsuitable for the standard skin prick test.

Are the tests painful and are there side effects?

The allergy blood test can be less painful than a skin prick test. A small tube of blood will be withdrawn by a medical professional, unlike the skin prick test whereby the skin is pricked by small needles either at the inner forearm or upper back.

Is the skin prick test suitable for me?

Not anyone with suspected allergy is a suitable candidate for the skin prick test. Those with existing skin conditions or who have experienced life threatening allergic reactions should consult their physicians first.

ATA Medical offers a 59 Allergens Panel Comprehensive Blood Test, priced at $739.02 NETT. It is a relatively quick procedure that only requires a tube of blood to be drawn. Though it takes a longer processing time than the skin prick test, it is a safer option for most patients while testing a wide variety of allergen.

Finally, this can bring a palpable relief to those who want to do comprehensive allergy testing, but do not want to get pricked 59 times!

What do our 59 Allergens Panel Comprehensive Blood Test consist of?

59 Allergens Panel Comprehensive Blood Test List

Your results will also be out in 1-3 working days. We also have single allergen testing which starts from $63.22 per test. Please talk to our friendly doctor or staff to find out more.

How do I prepare for the test?

Before you decide to do any tests, you may also consult our doctor. These are some concerns you may wish to clarify with our doctor:

  • What condition is most likely to be causing my symptoms?
  • Is an allergy test necessary?
  • Which allergy testing procedures do you advise, and why?
  • How reliable are these exams?
  • Does conducting this testing include any risks?
  • Is there anything I should stop taking before this test?
  • When will I learn the outcome?
  • What do these findings imply?
  • Next, what should I do?

Allergy Testing Packages

If you want to test for a single allergen or a specific group of allergen, you may also read more about our allergy testing packages.

If you still feel unsure about the test, talk to our doctor today. We will be happy to provide an in-depth consultation and discuss your options with you.



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