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Why Is Health Screening Important For Me?

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Health screening can benefit you in ways such as:

a. Detecting health conditions early before they cause severe problems,
b. Enabling early treatment of these conditions which improves your chance of a good outcome and,
c. Reducing potential costs or further complications related to undetected conditions that are not treated early.

I feel well. Do I still need to go for a health screening?

Often, you may not feel or show any symptoms. Conversely, you may also not recognize certain symptoms and simply disregard them. This is when timely medical advice can be helpful.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension can build up over time with few to no symptoms. Detected early, these can be better managed with lesser complications and improved long term outcomes. Cancer can also creep up on you and when one experiences symptoms such as discomfort or an obvious lump, the cancer may already be at an advanced stage.

Through regular exercise and a balanced diet, one can reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes. However, cancer may also appear in healthy individuals unexpectedly. This is why it is advisable to do regular check ups.

With proper medical advice, you can have more assurance and some peace of mind.

When should I start my health screening?

If there are no significant risk factors for heart disease or family history of cancer, we recommend your check ups be done every two yearly for young adults below the age of 30.

For adults 30 and above, we recommend doing it annually.

Why should I screen regularly?

Health screening can only detect conditions present at the time of the checks. There may be conditions that develop after your appointment. Regular health screening will help to ensure you are healthy.

What happens when a condition or abnormality is detected?

It can be a stressful experience for patients to learn that they may have diabetes, or even cancer. This is why our medical team is trained to be sensitive when discussing health related issues with our patients.

From experience, most people are actually grateful that a condition has been picked up early and we are equally happy that most patients are eager to work with us towards improving their health and well-being.